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“Having Kaddy as a mentor transformed my writing. Through her careful, thorough lesson plans, Kaddy catered to my needs and anxieties without sacrificing direction or focus. She reads and interacts with your poems as if she’s a character inside them, helping you to see what might be clouding a story. She is so knowledgeable as a researcher, writer and editor, that you can’t help learn from her in simple conversation. The resources she brings are endless, and she treats your writing with respect. Perhaps most invaluable is Kaddy’s enthusiasm. She eats,breathes, sleeps, lives for poetry, and a writer can’t help but improve in her care”.
~ Natalya Anderson, winner of The Bridport Prize for Poetry, 2014




2 responses

  1. Hi Kaddy,
    We met briefly at the ARU launch of Mint.
    I’ve just been looking at your website and the work you’ve done on The Snow Queen and I notice the link from your website is incorrect – you’ve missed the “cam” bit out, so it doesn’t work. Thought I should let you know.

    I’m envious of your trip to Eigg and look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours before long.


    • Hi Angela,
      Thanks so much for the heads up on this – as you may have noticed I hardly ever update my website (bad Kaddy). I’ve changed that, along with a few other things.

      Just packing from Eigg, lurching between terror and delight (I’ve never left my kids for a week before; never been totally alone; never been off grid).

      I hope your own writing is going well.


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