Milk Fever

Available from Amazon or Hive.


Kaddy Benyon’s poems are physical, earthy, powered by the salt of guilt, the cadences of liturgical language, the familiar stations of the day, close family relationships. Such poetry draws on the rich ground of childhood to question the big subjects: family, love, sin. It stirs primitive fears and desires that are the spark in the steel.

Gillian Clarke
National Poet of Wales
(Ice, Carcanet)

Here are poems which combine dark Lawrentian fire with sparkling contemporary diction to great effect: poignant, far-reaching, reflective, elemental. A remarkable debut.

Penelope Shuttle
(Will You Walk a Little Faster?, Bloodaxe)

Kaddy Benyon’s memorable and rewarding book, Milk Fever, offers lyrics of intense physicality and sensuality, where the world we inhabit and the world of our bodies collides and often merges in metaphors of powerful resonance and charm.

Chris Hamilton-Emery
(Director of Salt Publishing)

I love the earthy, physical quality of the poems, which as they turn at their ends, renders shock and very physical astonishment in the act of reading. I keep trying to turn over their words, as it were, like stones. I love them and look forward to reading more.

Sean Borodale
(Human Work, Cape Poetry)

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